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Filtran LLC is the global aftermarket leader for automatic transmission filters and filter kits.  We offer a complete line of automatic transmission filters, servicing every vehicle on the road today. Our filters are developed using the same quality standards that we use for our OEM filters and feature our Sealed-Seam Zero Leak® technology. In addition, our Goldstripe® Sealing Rings, and TransJel assembly lubricants established the industry standard for quality and performance.

Filtran LLC has been keeping automatic transmissions clean for over 50 years. As part of the Sealed Power Corporation we started manufacturing sealing rings in 1950 and expanded into automatic transmission filters in 1973 with the purchase of the F.P Smith company, the primary supplier of transmission filters to the OEM's. We have a rich history as an automotive parts pioneer and continue today as a premier supplier of transmission filters to the leading OE manufacturers in the U.S., Germany, Japan and China.  Wherever automatic transmissions are made or serviced, you will find Filtran LLC.

Filtran LLC aftermarket products are sold through transmission specialist distributors. Our transmission filters are also available in kits through many fine national automotive parts supply chains.



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