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Pressure filter housing for double-clutch transmission Suction filter for double-clutch transmission Integrated oil pan with
suction filter

For over fifty years, Filtran LLC has supplied automatic transmission components to virtually every automotive manufacturer worldwide. Today, the range of our product includes screen, suction and pressure filter designs as well as advanced filtration systems. Our filtration products are assembled into all variations of automatic transmissions, including Continuously Variable (CVT) and Double-Clutch (DCT) applications, the latest technology available on the market.  

All plastic laser welded filter with integrated magnet

The key to our continued success is our program management process to develop and launch new product releases. Employing this proven technique, our global sales and engineering teams work closely with customers to design, prototype, test, and manufacture the optimum filtration solution to meet all quality standards and requirements.

The design and engineering teams at Filtran LLC have extensive knowledge in the areas of filtration media and advanced manufacturing systems. Design capabilities include the use of proprietary simulation software (SuFis™) to optimize filter performance prior to production of a single prototype. Using this software, we are able to reduce total design time from months to weeks.

Our manufacturing capabilities include operations with the latest welding technologies available. The welding process, coupled with advanced robotics, culminate in highly automated assembly systems producing consistently superior filtration components.

Composite steel and plastic filter for CVT transmission

At Filtran LLC, we are proud to lead the industry in the development of filtration solutions that improve oil cleanliness, maximize vehicle performance, and meet the rigors of industry warranty levels for reliability.


Filtran Program Management Model