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Testing Services

Filtran LLC offers two types of service for oil analysis:

OilTracker™ - Analysis for diesel engine oil

FTI Lab Services - Analysis for all other Fluid types.



  • Verify oil cleanliness and oil change interval dates

  • Optional particle counting for extreme service duty

  • On-line management and personalized data and summary reports

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Fluid Analysis Laboratory Services
Pre-packaged fluid analysis kits for hydraulic oil, transmission oil, engine oil, coolant, glycols, skydrol, water and many more fluids for testing services. Standard testing includes:

  1. Particle Counts

  2. Spectrometric Analysis

  3. Total Acid Number (TAN)

  4. Water Content

  5. Viscosity Analysis

  6. Digital photomicrograph.

Many other ASTM tests available on request. Option for private labeling for fluid analysis kits.

Solid and Liquid Contamination Analysis
Part cleanliness assessment and debris analysis on new and used parts such as assemblies, hoses, components and filters. Assessment includes:

  • Contaminant Weight Quantification

  • Particle Count

  • Gravimetric Analysis

  • Spectrometric Analysis

  • PIXE (Proton Induced X-ray Emission)

  • Microscopic Analysis for largest particle

Test Materials

Testing materials include:

  1. Calibration fluids (ISO 4402 and ISO 11171 (through CONOSTAN®)

  2. ISO test dust

  3. Custom test dust - Synform™, Carbonyl Iron, Iron Oxide, and many others

  4. Superclean Mil-H-5606 dilution fluid

  5. Certified Superclean bottles in several sizes

  6. Sampling Equipment

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