For more than a decade, the automotive industry has relied on prototyping to enhance traditional modeling techniques. We employ rapid prototyping technologies in our design and manufacturing processes which has resulted in higher performing components that are more economically efficient and environmentally friendly.

For more than 50 years, Filtran has set the standard in the automotive OE and aftermarket industry. Today, we continue to lead the way with our ingenuity and innovative techniques.


  • 2-axis CNC cutting machine for media development
  • Horizontal Lathe
  • Two Vertical Axis CNC milling Machines
  • Various Welders for Plastic Joining
    • Laser
    • Ultrasonic
    • Vibration


  • Assembly of 3D printed filters for initial rapid prototype samples.
  • Machine and assembly aluminum rapid prototype samples are manufactured in house and keeps cost and lead times low.
  • Building custom assembly tooling and fixtures for prototype samples in house helps projects stay under budget.
    • Lab Fixtures
    • Laser welding fixtures
    • Screen forming and stamping die
    • Sonic Weld Support Fixtures
    • Vibration Weld Tooling
  • Using in house plastic joining technology helps prove manufacturing feasibility during early stages of prototype development. This can save program timelines during the production phase and cut costs for our customers.
  • Developing preliminary process parameters during prototype stage eases the transition of projects to the production phase in order to deliver PPAP on time.

With more than 60 years of providing innovative solutions, we can help meet your challenges.

We have facilities in North America, Germany, Japan and China. We have a global footprint and can serve you locally.

We are a global premiere supplier of OEM aftermarket automatic transmission products.