Pressure Filters

Pressure Filters and Systems

We Provide Filters to Improve Oil Cleanliness

The automotive industry is in a constant state of growth and fast-paced change. Requirements for new automatic transmissions to meet increasingly higher efficiency ratings, environmental regulations, and enhanced conveniences lead to innovations and improved technologies. New developments include more complex and sophisticated systems with a variety of material combinations such as DCT, CVT and increasing the numbers of gears in automatic transmissions.

At Filtran, we specialize in filtration system solutions and contribute to new developments by offering pioneering conceptions to improve oil cleanliness. For example, one solution to improving efficiencies is to use pressure filters that are specifically fitted to use with our suction filters. By providing complete filtration systems that include suction and pressure filters, we meet more stringent industry standards while delivering an improved product. These systems are successfully used in double clutch (DCT) and continuously variable (CVT) transmissions.

Our focus on the production of pressure filter elements made of plastic enables us to satisfy the demands including:

  • Improving and adding new functions
  • Weight optimization
  • Developing solutions for easy waste disposal

With more than 60 years of providing innovative solutions, we can help meet your challenges.

We have facilities in North America, Germany, Japan and China. We have a global footprint and can serve you locally.

We are a global premiere supplier of OEM aftermarket automatic transmission products.