Filtration Media

Filtran Develops Filtration Materials for Specific Applications

Suction Filtration

Our Surface filtration materials have a variety of meshes with distinct characteristics that allow low differential pressures with clearly defined high-filtration performances.

Filtran’s Depth filtration materials, including V-Pore®, SPFM, MFT, have characteristics that permit low differential pressures with appropriate filtration performances and capacities.

High-performance materials, such as our CombiMedia® and SmartMedia®, have characteristics that allow low differential pressures at high filtration efficiencies and capacities and are comparable to a pressure filter.

Each of our suction filtration materials can be individually optimized for every application.

Pressure Filtration

We provide our depth filtration materials with different efficiency classes for a wide range of needs. Every filter media is made with both temperature-resistant and oil-resistant substances, such as metal, glass and various synthetic fibers.

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