Automotive Systems

At Filtran, we have extensive knowledge in developing and manufacturing advanced filtration solutions for a wide range of propulsion systems. Specializing in automatic transmission filtration since the 1950’s, we continue to expand our areas of expertise into emerging propulsion technologies such as electric/hybrid drives, e-Axle’s, and fuel cell systems.

Automatic Transmission

A global leader in automatic transmission filtration solutions, Filtran provides engineered products to meet the increasing cleanliness requirements of today’s automatic transmissions.

Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicle & Hybrid

As the automotive landscape evolves, Filtran offers specialized solutions to manage new challenges in system cleanliness – a result of the emergence of electric and hybrid drivetrains.



The E-axle provides an all-in-one powertrain solution in electric and hybrid vehicles. Filtran delivers filtration solutions to meet the required system cleanliness regulations while utilizing, a small packaging space.

With more than 60 years of providing innovative solutions, we can help meet your challenges.

We have facilities in North America, Germany, Japan and China. We have a global footprint and can serve you locally.

We are a global premiere supplier of OEM aftermarket automatic transmission products.