Integrated Pans

Integrated Plastic Oil Pan

Filtran’s innovative technology is incorporated into every plastic oil pan with an integrated filter system. Our objective in designing an oil pan from plastic, in addition to the considerable weight reduction, is the ability to integrate multiple components and functions. The high tech system utilizes a minimal amount of installation space. Module advantages include:

Modular Design

  • A simplified assembly process – one component rather than requiring multiple parts
  • Single supplier for complete module
  • Integrated gasket & seal
  • Reduced logistics and comprehensive cost: [Including suppliers, inventory, packaging & transportation]

More Flexible Vehicle Design

  • Lower ground clearance available from internal pan reductions
  • Plastic molding rather than steel stamping expands the design potential

System Cost Reduction

  • Reduction in handling & assembly costs – the single assembly requires less handling
  • 1 to 2 litre reduction in fluid & fluid filter intake fixed at pan bottom
  • 3 to 5 unit reduction in the number of required mounting bolts

Weight Reduction

  • A minimum of a 50% reduction in weight when compared to steel pan designs

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