(Fairburn, GA – February 5, 2019) – Through its customized material design solutions, Porex is delivering innovations that bring product designs to life. These solutions improve the performance of medical devices, provide more accurate results for diagnostics and eliminate cross-contamination in liquid handling applications.  

Attendees at MD&M West 2019 will learn how Porex is able to solve technical design challenges in absorbing, applying, diffusing, filtering, venting and wicking with custom porous technologies used in critical medical applications including blood management, drug delivery, infection prevention, and urological care.

Porex will join its Partners in Innovation – Multisorb, AG Industries and FG Wipes – in the Filtration Group booth, #1601, at MD&M West, Feb. 5-7 in Anaheim, Calif.

“We are at a time when innovation in the medical device industry is expanding at a tremendous pace,” said Jack Chan, Ph.D, global marketing director for Porex.  “Equipment manufacturers in today’s market are looking for next-generation products that offer precision, accuracy and consistency. Our unparalleled material science, engineering and manufacturing capabilities enable us to deliver the types of solutions that help our customers address everything from design issues to patient safety concerns.”

In addition to the medical device industry, Porex partners with leading manufacturers in analytical sciences and diagnostics to engineer high-quality solutions using Certified Pure POREX™ filters and materials to greatly improve test accuracy and reliability. These components have been independently tested by third party laboratories laboratories for filter purity, clinical compatibility, cytotoxicology and more with results confirming no additives or elements that can interfere with or contaminate the integrity of the fiber material and resultant sample.

Some of the Porex technologies on display at MD&M in booth 1601 include:

Medical Device Applications – Porex is highlighting our durable, high-performance venting components designed to increase functionality and reliability in medical devices. POREX® Virtek™ Medical PTFE materials provide high bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) optimal airflow and a fluid barrier, critical for multiple applications, including infection prevention, fluid management, injection therapy, drug delivery and ostomy and urology care.

Diagnostics Applications – Engineered to speed fluid transfer and provide more rapid test results, POREX® “Collection to Detection” diagnostics solutions offer increased operational efficiencies, improved accuracy of results and reduced overall costs of methodologies. The start-to-finish suite of technologies pulls from a diverse portfolio of porous materials that can allow for faster sample collection and control throughout the testing process. POREX® materials include collection media that offer benefits such as customized surface energy, reduced oral fluid viscosity in samples and improved absorbency of samples using optimized capillary structures. These critical functionalities can improve operations for a range of laboratory and clinical applications in which speed, flexibility and mobility are crucial. These applications include in vitro diagnostics, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests and point-of-care (POC) tests.

Liquid Handling Applications – When dealing with delicate, sensitive specimens, sample purity and protection are paramount. Manufactured with no additvies, the inert POREX FORTRESS™ pipette tip filters block out aerosols and liquid contaminants, preventing cross-contamination and sample carryover while allowing for pure sample recovery.  Using all Certified Pure POREX™ materials, the Edison Award-winning FORTRESS pipette tip filter sets the new industry standard for sample protection in clinical, analytical, and blood transfusion laboratories, delivering reassurance and reliability for a more accurate diagnosis.

To learn more about Porex’s technologies for healthcare applications, visit porex.com.

About Porex Corporation

Porex Corporation, part of Filtration Group, takes pride in 50 years of partnering with our customers to deliver engineering and design innovations that turn their product ideas into reality. Through a collaborative engineering partnership, Porex develops high-value solutions to our customers’ product design challenges in absorption, application, diffusion, filtration, venting, and wicking. These material solutions can be used in medical device, analytical sciences, in-vitro diagnostics, and advanced wound care applications to improve performance and consistency.  The Certified Pure POREX™ program substantiates the purity of POREX filters and materials via comprehensive testing conducted by independent laboratories. With unmatched engineering experience, stringent regulatory and quality standards, and an extensive global footprint, POREX® solutions form the standard of material excellence to bring your next product to life – and create a safer, healthier, and more productive world. Visit Porex at www.porex.com.